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Raton Museum

The Raton Museum has been home to many locations across the city but is now located on Second Street. Visitors can view the very beginnings of our coal mining history all the way to our Rock n' Roll history. We can't forget about the old television sets which pay tribute to the fact that we were the second city in the United States to first have cable television!

Visit the Raton Museum


WPA Murals

& Architecture

During the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration was created to help provide economic relief to the citizens  suffering through the Great Depression. Raton is home to several WPA Murals in the Shuler Theater, Arthur Johnson Library, and the post office.

We recommend you pick up a walking tour guide at the Raton Museum for a curated guide to view the murals and gaze at our Victorian architecture in the historic downtown district.


Santa Fe Trail

Raton is along the historic Santa Fe Trail, which was a 19th century route connecting Franklin, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Visitors are able to see the original wagon ruts and landmarks at the NRA Whittington Center that over a century old in various areas.

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