The Mining Town Ruins Hiding in Sugarite Canyon State Park Are Hauntingly Beautiful

Article courtesy of Only In Your State

Mining towns popped up all around New Mexico in the 1800s and early 1900s but you’ll find that few are still inhabited. A few have managed to survive economic hardships but the majority have succumbed to time and weather, leaving behind just ruins of the dreams that once existed on the land. Today, we’re going to check out one little town almost forgotten to time that you can visit at a New Mexico state park.

The state park is home to some incredibly beautiful landscapes, which won't take you by surprise if you've visited any part of northern New Mexico! Lake Maloya is one popular spot for fishing, boating, and hiking.

During a visit here you just might encounter some wildlife!

In fact, you'll find a large number of hiking trails all around the state park, ranging from an easy 0.18-mile boardwalk trail to a strenuous 3.7-mile trail through aspens and great elevation climbs.

Two of the trails will actually take you to the park's hidden gem: the ruins of an old mining town. CONTINUE


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