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The Santa Fe Trail ran from 1821 until 1846 (25 years). It was a two-way international commercial highway used by both Mexican and American traders. The main purpose of the Trail was mostly a trade route but saw a good share of emigrants, especially during the California Gold Rush and the Pikes Peak Gold Rush in Colorado. The length of it is over 869 miles. If you ever tried to walk all of it, it would take about 2 months. You can find the Santa Fe Trail in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. 

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The Santa Fe Trail was used by thousands of travelers from 1821- 1880, from Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Traders would travel in wagon caravans to bring finished goods west, taking silver and mules east.


The old pass had an overlook of the area showing how beautiful it is. As well as looking at the Santa Fe Trail, which had passed through the town. Coal mining, ranching and the train railroad shaped this town to something that it will always be known for.

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There are many different things to do in Raton. If you want to go out into nature you can go to Sugarite Canyon State Park and the Climax Canyon Park. You can also visit the Museum In Springer NM, built in 1881 which is on the State Register of Cultural Properties. It includes many art exhibits and artifacts from the Santa Fe Trail and early pioneering life.

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